Guesthouse El Khorbat. Room Talalt

Talalt room in the Guesthouse El Khorbat, in Todra valley.

Location: floor. With traditional Moroccan shower.

Room Talalt in Guesthouse El Khorbat, near Tinghir.

Room of the Guesthouse El Khorbat, near Tinghir.

Bathroom of Guesthouse El Khorbat, in South Morocco. Traditional Moroccan shower in El Khorbat, near Tinghir.

The origine of the name Talalt:

The Ksar Talalt is situated in the middle of the Ferkla oasis and inhabited by Berbers with sedentary and farmer tradition. It has an interesting structure with a double fortified zone inside the main wall. Its monumental entrance is richly decorated.

Ferkla oasis map, Tinejdad, south Morocco.

Ksar Talalt into the oasis of Ferkla, south Morocco.
Ksar Talalt